Posted on: January 20, 2013
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This months prize consist of a Andrew Reynolds G’s Up Deck and a Baked Hat from Baker Skateboards. Very simple if you ask me. Be sure to like our facebook page.


  1. Trentin anderson Says:

    I could really use this dude. My old baker board is all broke off

  2. Taurean Morrison Says:

    Awsome board for tha wall

  3. Anthony G Says:

    biggie and tupac with the boss nuff said

  4. Dennis m Says:

    That hat is sick… Deck is so sick

  5. Sharkattack Says:

    Gotta get this…. Im gonna b reppin baker pretty hard

  6. Victor Says:

    Baker is the shit and it would be perfect to crush the streets with these board

  7. Fuck Facebook Says:

    Since that board came up i wanted it so bad on the wall . but im not on facebook.. wouldn’t won it anyways-.-

  8. reilly Says:

    pic reminds me of pac and bigs song in twuans part for baker has a deathwish with the boss in between

  9. José Fool! Says:

    DUDE, BIGGIE, DREW, AND TUPAC THE FUCK THATS PERFECT! Drew inspired me to skate since the bootleg video! OG! SHAKE JUNT! my board is already fucked up and need a new one. what can I say, I love gaps, but thats the cons of liking that but fuck it BAKER FOR LIFE FOOL!

  10. ruben Says:

    I would put this board to work day n nite

  11. Bryant Aparicio Says:

    This deck is rad! I skated baker for ever! Since I started ! I just snapped my deathwish and I don’t have money to get a fresh baker ! If im lucky enough to win this I’ll be fucking stoked ! BAKER FO LIFE !!

  12. jesus castaneda Says:

    Baker skateboards you guys got great products. Everything is gnarr.
    Reynolds kills man his tech its just breathtaking. Rip tupac and big.
    Gunna go hit up pioneer park and skate them ledges.thanks for inspiring a generation of skaters. Bake and Destroy!!!

  13. Moises D. Hernandez Says:

    have not had a baker board in years just because i can never effort it but sick board loving that drew is on it and dont have a deck right now so hoping too win this :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    It will be gnar if i get that

  15. Erick Says:

    It will be gnar to skate that board

  16. Khakha Says:

    Wait that’s it just like their fb page

  17. Brendan Rooney Says:

    My old baker got ran over by a semi truck. I also LOVE biggie. I need this deck

  18. Tom Bomb Says:

    I would wear the shit out this hat but I think I would have to hang the deck up on my wall for keeping ;)

  19. mathew wilkerson Says:

    this board will look sick in my collection and I was looking for A new hat get at me

  20. Alex Says:


  21. devin Says:

    look I just need a board and a hat to wear I aint gonna lie and iam pretty sure my shits about to snap pretty soon and I don got a hat but it will be pretty sick to get that biggie and pac board

  22. Yerby Says:

    Need to get back on my grind without my skateboard i’m not myself. Going back into the skate world in my mind helps me in way no drug drink or woman ever could keeps me away from jail plus the freedom is awesome by itself
    and skating a fresh new baker… well theirs nothing like em when it comes to kickflips and frontside flips it’s almost like their made for it. #J.Y3RBY

  23. ben Says:

    i could use this board i need one so bad. i have a baker and i have had it for 2 years and it is about to break. i do not have enough money for a board and am trying to save up but i just cant come up with the money. this board would be great for me and same with the hat.

  24. Brendan Says:

    I grew up with Andrew, he lived in lakeland, Fl. before he graduated and moved to Cali, and turned pro. I really wish he would open a shop in his home town.

  25. Marlowe Says:

    R.I.P Lewis Marnell and all the other soldiers.

  26. juan Says:

    I nedd a skateboard i dont have money i could really use this..

  27. daniel tonheim Says:

    plzz let me win the stuff i love baker company i have like 1 skateboard of baker and i love it its the best skateboard i ever have skated on an i hav zoo york and element to but i think baker i best

  28. manny cabrera Says:

    let me have that! Need this on my wall! Belee dat!

  29. alexandria jackson Says:

    screw putting it on a wall,it’d be put to work for sure

  30. kasey sheppard Says:

    I’d probably just leave it in its packaging and skate my baker blunt deck.

  31. Ntuthuko Mavundla Says:

    This is the best deck I have ever seen.

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