Posted on: December 17, 2010
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>So your from Canada correct,what Part?

Whitby Ontario just a small town outside of Toronto Ontario

>Do you eat a lot of back bacon where your from?

not back bacon but i definitely love my bacon sandwich’s

>Where has skateboarding taking you travel wise?

it has taken me to mostly all of Canada, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, California,

>Are Canadian girls more friendly?

Yeah canadian girls are really nice they always have a sense of humour and know how to have a good time

>Can girls from Canada drink more than American guys?

the girls here can definitely drink a lot! but i haven’t really drinkin with too many Americans but im sure they get buck wild!

>What is your favorite place you have traveled?

I’d have to say phoenix or California there both dry places all year round and the sickest dudes out there

>Does Canadian Maple syrup have alcohol in it?

nope not that i know of

>On a scale of Grant to 10 how XL are your t’s?

I only wear XL and sometimes L. I used to wear a lot bigger..

>Who had the best Digital part ever as an am?

Cody Mcentire had a bad ass part but also did Jordan Hoffart.

>Got any funny or bizarre border stories?

ohh yeah i do! so I was in phoenix staying at my homies tyrones and me and him and a homie andrew drive to cali for ASR we went to ASR scoped it out and then I hit up KR3W cause I wanted to check out the warehouse, So we start going and while we were on our way we went the wrong way on the highway and went south instead of north on the highway and went into mexico, when we finally realised what we were doingbut we couldnt turn back so we went into mexico and then had to turn around and go back into the states but unfortunately I didn’t bring my passport or and identification with me at all and my homies don’t have passports they only have drivers licenses, so while we waited 2 hours to get through to America we finally hit the front of the line and told them our situation and they took me out of the car and brought me into a room to search me and fingerprint me they found out I wasnt a serial killer, so they finally let us go after 3 hours.

>Who do you ride for and hooks you up?

I ride for Circa Shoes, Blind Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Venture Trucks, Diamond Hardware, KR3W, Scotties, and Nixon, Redbull hook me up here and there.

>Do you get a lot of beaver back home in Canada?
No not really.

>What should all the kids know aboooot Canada?

Canada is sick during the summer id advise all of you to check it out sometime!!

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